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Rising Star Awards: March 2018

Ten of the region's most promising sports stars were recognised at the Annual Awards evening at Newcastle Civic Centre.

Back row (l-r): Will Muir (rugby union), Luke Doneathy (cricket) Alex Donaghy (rugby league), Nicholas Pyle (swimming).

Middle row: Alex Wise (archery), Jessica Baker (golf), Madelaine Hardingham (swimming),

Front row: Anya Hassan (judo), Ines Curran (athletics), Toby Aberdeen (traithle, fencing, pistol shooting).

N.U.F.C. coaches received awards for Freddie Woodman (Wor Jackie trophy), and Sean Longstaff (Jack Hixon trophy) as they were unable to be released from their duties at their current clubs.

In addition to their trophies all winners received vouchers and gifts donated by Start Fitness.

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