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2022 Year of the Coach Initiative Proves Popular

Mike Booth, vice chair of Sport Newcastle has been amazed by the number of applications to their 2022 Year of the Coach Fund. “We never expected to receive so many bids from so many different clubs. Unfortunately we had to disappoint some clubs as our fund of £10,000 wasn’t big enough to satisfy demand.”

However, successful bids came in from 11 clubs including Kenton Amateur Boxing Club who wanted to train more level 1 and level 2 coaches so they can expand the number of youngsters attending the club. Craig Pape, chairman and coach said, “One of the 6 coaches that will be trained is a parent who already volunteers. He is an ex-boxer who has a vast knowledge of the sport so he'll be a great asset to our coaching team once he gets qualified."

One of the City’s most successful and busiest sports club is City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy. Covid has resulted in coaching courses being cancelled by British Gymnastics with the result that now restrictions are eased there is a huge demand to get on their courses. Undeterred, Karen Chapman who is in charge of the Gymnastics facility on Benfield Road plans to overcome the problem by running the courses themselves. “We will be running five 1-day courses for our recreational coaching staff which will fill the gap we have here for level 2 coaches in order to meet the demand for more sessions of recreational gymnastics.”

Sport Newcastle received a really interesting bid from Swim England N.E. who want to train six level 2 Open Water coaches. This is a new national initiative and aims to educate young swimmers about being safe in the open water. Louise Graham, N.E. Regional Development Officer, said that, “By supporting these qualifications and pooling our resources with Sport Newcastle, we will develop a strong cohort of staff to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all our participants.”

Other successful bids were received from: Newcastle Swim Team, Newcastle Fencing & Sports Trust, Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Wearside Young Bowling Club, Northumberland Badminton Performance Centre, Northumberland Tennis Club, Tyneside Gymnastics Club and South North Cricket Club.

Sport Newcastle are keen to extend this initiative to fund more clubs to invest in coaching. If any local business would like to help fund the extension of this initiative please let us know at:


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