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Toby Aberdeen: World Championship Success

Toby, pictured in his G.B. kit on the right of the podium with partner, Lizzie Ryan, displaying their bronze medals at the recent Triathle World Championships.

The relay event involved both team members taking part in the run, shoot and swim sections in temperatures reaching 32 degrees. Toby also had to contend with the physical nature of the event, having to compete with older and larger boys in his races. He showed his determination to win a medal for the team by surging over the finishing line to beat the 4th place team by just 0.3 seconds.

This was 12 year old Toby's 5th G.B. vest and underlined the huge progress that he has made over the last 18 months. A 2018 Rising Star, Toby is also a member of the England under 20 pistol shooting squad, who have their sights set on the 2024 Olympics.

Toby is certainly someone to look out for in the future.

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