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Record Grants Awards October '17

Sport Newcastle's successful 50th Anniversary fundraising campaign allowed a record number of grants to be awarded at the October Awards Committee. In total over £5000 was awarded to 10 individuals and 5 clubs.

Individual grant awards covered the sports of: badminton, basketball, gymnastics, squash, swimming and triathlon. They were awarded to cover equipment, travel and coaching costs.

The clubs that benefited were:

  • Newcastle Swim Team; to pay for 4 volunteers to take their level 1 coaching award.

  • Northern Squash Club; to fund a level 4 coaching award and support their annual squash tournament.

  • North East Gymnastics Club; to pay for a coach to take their level 2 qualification.

  • Claremont Road Runners; to pay for two volunteers to upgrade their coaching qualifications.

  • Tyneside Gymnastics Club; to buy a landing mat.

The next round of grant applications will be considered at the January 2018 Awards Committee.

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