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Latest update from Sport Newcastle scholar Andrew Wilson

The past few months I have been concentrating on my internship in the Finance department of a local insurance company. However, I have also been playing golf for the University Golf Team as well as practicing when I have had the opportunity. The Team are currently second at the moment and have some work to do to improve on that position.

During December I renewed my irons as my old ones were getting worn after two years of use. It has taken a few weeks but I am finally starting to get used to them and back to playing well again, and hope that this rise in performance will continue until the season begins.

The start of the New Year saw the whole University First Team squad go to Spain for a week’s training at the El Rompido Golf Resort. Getting some training in a warmer country is key preparation for the coming season, and although we only trained for 4 days solid, it highlighted key areas of the game to improve upon my return back to the UK.

During the next few months I will be busy working on my dissertation and an assignment based on my internship experience. Although my dissertation is not due to be handed in until May, I understand the work commitment for a high grade will be considerable, but if my time-management skills are as expected, it will allow me a great deal of time to work on my game.

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